What is my WHY and why is it important?

WHY – I believe that all children have a desire and an ability

to learn and to succeed.

HOW – As adult role models and leaders we foster

curiosity and creativity in our students.

WHAT – We expose our students to questions and tasks that

encourage them to love learning.

When I run into former students out in the real world, they remember me. Not because they did well in my class or because I taught them every ounce of the curriculum. They remember me because I listened to them. They remember me because I laughed with them and got messy with them. They remember me because I learned just as much from them as they did from me. And I made them feel like they did amazing things. Because they did.

“They may forget what you said but they will never forget

how you made them feel.”  – Carl W. Buehner

What are we waiting for? The time is now! If we are going to guide the next generation to becoming the leaders of tomorrow, we need to start setting the right example and encourage them to become lifelong learners. It’s not enough to make the grade. It’s not enough to get high test scores. It’s not enough to comply with rules. We need to show them how to be thinkers and problem solvers and innovators. They need to have opportunities to take risks and make mistakes and ask questions. We have to make them believe in themselves and to feel successful. They need to see that they can change the world.

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