The End of My Digital Leading and Learning Journey!

The reason that I chose the Digital Learning and Leading program was because I felt like I would be able to learn a lot from it. Other program descriptions didn’t draw me in like this one did. I have been teaching for a long time, in a variety of schools, with many types of students, focusing on all subject areas. I have had a lot of experience with curriculum and instruction, and I know that I would NEVER want my Master’s in administration. NO thank you! I love the students and the teachers, but have had my share of parents who make me steer clear of anything involving them directly. So what was left? I have always been fairly tech savvy, but have had trouble keeping up in recent years. A program where I was exposed to innovative strategies was just what I needed.

My favorite part of the program has been learning about Significant Learning Environments and the COVA approach and reading A New Culture of Learning. I feel like the ideas presented not only align with my beliefs, but also validate and affirm the things that I’ve been trying to do as an instructional coach. There’s a part of me that wants to go back into the classroom just to work on this one aspect of my learning in this program. I feel like it would be easier to achieve in my own classroom, rather than helping other teachers to create it in theirs. Maybe one day….

Creating an online/blended class in Schoology was another powerful part of the program. It gave me a place and a structure for my ideas of helping teachers learn about blended learning, and linked directly to my innovation plan.

Along with Schoology, I was exposed to a variety of technology throughout the program. I learned about Piktochart, emaze, Kizoa, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Spark among others. This experience and introduction to online resources has taken away any fear I may once have had about trying new things. Technology is so amazing, and it never hurts to jump in and give something a shot!

One thing that many graduate school students dread is literature reviews. I now know why. It takes a long time and a lot of work to dive into the literature about what others have done! However, I felt like I learned a lot from so much reading about blended learning, and I know that what I wrote in those literature reviews will be useful to me in the future.

This program was the perfect one for me, and I couldn’t be more excited to be finishing up!

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