Reflection of Online Learning

My students are the teachers at my school. My job is to create learning opportunities for them throughout the year, including face to face professional development, model lessons, and discussions about lesson plans and student learning. With my innovation plan, I hope to add the dimension of online learning into my school and my district. Online learning gives students opportunities to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. I want teachers to incorporate blended learning into their classrooms, and the only way they’ll feel confident enough to try is if they understand and appreciate it. I need to build buy-in, and telling teachers how wonderful blended learning is and how it fits in well with our district’s philosophy of learning will not achieve buy-in. My course involves videos and articles to read that will help teachers construct their own ideas about blended learning and how it can fit into their current schedule. Through my three-column table I aligned the pieces of my course, and now have a format in which my students can learn about creating a significant learning environment in their classroom and implementing blended learning.

I appreciate that I now have experience creating an online course, and I hope to apply my learning to more courses that I teach throughout the year. The most important thing for me to keep in mind is to allow students to create their own understanding. This is the only way for them to own their learning and accomplish the goals set forth in the course.

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