Reflecting on My Innovation Project

Wow! As I look back on all that I’ve done with my innovation plan, I realize that I’ve come a long way since last August! Back then, I remember my plan being a vague idea in the back of my mind that I hoped would work. I was just learning about the concept of blended learning, and I knew that my school had a lot of technology to use.  I hadn’t learned about the COVA approach (choice, ownership, and voice through authentic learning) or Creating Significant Learning Environments. I also hadn’t studied types of planning, such as starting with a WIG (wildly important goal) or 4DX or Fink’s 3 column table or Understanding by Design!

When I studied the literature about blended learning, I saw that it was possible and that teachers have been implementing it for awhile now. I had an idea of how to handle some of the obstacles that others faced, and details to put my plan into action! I also created a video about my thoughts on innovative teaching and learning.

The next step was to create an online course for teachers to use to learn about how to use blended learning in their classrooms. I planned for this to be  presented in a blended format so that teacher could have an example modeled for them. My course plan for teachers came together, and I learned so much about creating courses for others to follow! I read about a variety of ideas involving planning, and then create a course in Schoology. Final refinements came, including a call to action.

I wouldn’t say that my innovation plan is done. In fact, it’s far from being done. But I have learned so much and am slowly working to incorporate it in small pieces across my school. I am currently working with the second grade teachers to implement pieces of my innovation plan, and hope to see success soon!

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