Online Course Instructional Design

Introduction: In this online course, teachers at my school will read and view information about the importance of creating significant learning environments in their classrooms and incorporating blended learning to engage their students. The teachers will work together online and in person to support each other through the process of incorporating blended learning elements into their lessons. Although I have not participated in a blended learning course myself, I believe that there are benefits for learners, including the ongoing support of classmates and instructors.

Learning Goals: Participants will understand and create significant learning environments in their classrooms and incorporate blended learning to engage their students.

Desired Results: Learners will establish a significant learning environment in their classroom and create blended learning lessons after participating in this online course.

Audience: classroom teachers at my elementary campus


  • Learners will identify the key aspects of a significant learning environment.
  • Learners will analyze and evaluate the various blended learning models.
  • Learners will apply their knowledge of blended learning to design a lesson or unit for their class that includes blended learning experiences.
  • Learners will explain how their lesson or unit is improved by the use of blended learning.
  • Learners will observe the benefits of a blended learning classroom.
  • Learners will revise lesson plans to include blended learning opportunities.

Materials: videos, articles, and blog posts related to blended learning for participants to view

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