Learning Manifesto


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My Ideas About Teaching and Learning:

Schools are preparing students for jobs that don’t even exist yet. The way schools worked 50 years ago isn’t what is best now.

Instruction in the basic subjects of reading, writing, math, etc. isn’t enough now. Constructing knowledge and connecting things to what we already know produces deeper learning.

Teachers and students need to have a strong partnership. In Sugata Mitra’s Ted Talk he recommends that curriculum be based on big questions. Teachers are the guide and help students to activate knowledge. Students are questioners and thinkers, practicing for their future roles in society.

Curiosity and creativity, part of Fullan’s 6 Cs, are childrens’ instinct. When they are encouraged, they are motivated to keep learning!

Differentiation can happen naturally through exploration, collaboration, and the asking of questions. As Sir Ken Robinson says, kids are not standardized.

Technology is now part of teaching and learning. There are so many websites and apps available, and teachers’ videos can be used at any time, repeatedly. There is controversy about how much technology children need, what age is best to begin, what technology needs to be taught, and what basics still need to be included in instruction, but let’s face it: technology is not going away. We need to embrace it!

learning manifesto



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Twitter images from @SirKenRobinson and @JanetChowMSc