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Driving in my neighborhood the other day, I saw this sign. “Dive like your kids live here.” It made me think about how I’ve always worked hard to be the kind of teacher I would want my children to have.

Children are born with natural curiosity. They ask questions, take risks, and usually aren’t afraid to try something new. This is especially true when it comes to electronics. Today’s kids haven’t known a world without smartphones or tablets.

However, at school teachers often feel that technology is a distraction.We ask students to learn information from us, when many times they could learn the same thing by searching the internet.

What if we were to change our thinking and begin encouraging students to use their technology for learning? Instead of giving them information, we could spend our time helping them design, build, invent, and create, using their devices to look up the information they needed as they worked.

There’s not a lot that we would need to change; most schools already have technology available.

Change is hard. Change is scary. But what we do in our schools today can set our students up for success in the world. Their world.

The Story Behind the Story

My children are my life and I think about them in everything I do. I feel like I’ve become a better teacher since I’ve been a mom, simply because I think about each child I work with as if they were my own. When I think about the education I want my children to receive, I am passionate that they are challenged, engaged, and solving problems daily. They are some of the most curious children I’ve ever encountered, and I want that to be a benefit in school, not something that is smothered. By using pictures of them in my innovation video, I hope to show how strongly I believe in the use of technology in our classrooms today. We can encourage all of our children to challenge themselves through the use of technology in their learning.

To create my video I used Windows Movie Maker for the first time. I enjoyed the ease of inserting pictures and recording my narration, as well as the ability to simply move my images around as I wrote and revised my wording. I was able to find pictures of my children using technology, and some of my favorite quotes as images.



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