Six Sources of Influence

Focus, Measure, and Vital Behaviors

I hope to achieve more student engagement and higher attendance levels across my elementary campus by incorporating a district-mandated online reading program into a blended learning model.

I will measure student engagement by using time on task data from classroom observations as well as surveys for students and teachers to complete. Weekly attendance data will also be collected and analyzed.

The organizational influencers who will be involved are myself, teachers, campus principal and assistant principals, ACTION director (superintendent), parents and the community.

The vital behaviors that I plan to implement are:

  1. Educate the teachers on my campus about blended learning and the benefits it can have in their classrooms.
  2. Assist teachers with planning and implementing blended learning lessons and incorporating a schedule conducive to the station rotation model.
  3. Help teachers set up Google Classroom to make the station rotation model possible in their classrooms.

Sources of Influence

By incorporating all six sources of influence, I hope to put a positive twist on a difficult situation and help teachers feel that they are still impacting their students’ lives.





Teachers on my campus are being required to implement an online reading program with their students.  A blended learning model of station rotation will help them get the most out of the time they have with their students each day, as well as allow the reading program to compliment their teaching instead of replace it. Teachers will appreciate focusing on the benefits of blended learning rather than on the online program that they feel is replacing their teaching. Scenarios and videos will help teachers see examples of what blended learning can look like in an elementary school. I will be on campus to model lessons or assist in classrooms as teachers begin to implement blended learning. In this role, I can talk through situations in real-time with teachers, and give them feedback about what is working and what is not working.


Through an online poll, I will find out who the opinion leaders are on my campus. Enlisting them to be some of the first to incorporate the station rotation model into their classrooms will be encouraging to other teachers. It will also be powerful if some teachers allow me to video examples of blended learning working well, and show them to the faculty. Our campus has a Google Community to post pictures and affirmations. Teachers can post pictures of their students engaged in any aspect of blended learning, and I can encourage administration to post pictures and affirmations as well. I will facilitate weekly meetings with the teachers so that they can discuss with each other what is happening in their classrooms and work through problems together. This will also be a time of celebrations, to give teachers opportunity to acknowledge what is working well. For any professional development that I provide on campus, I will attempt to use a blended learning model to give teachers ideas and examples.


Our campus is expected to implement an online reading program. There will be ACTION directors and supervisors checking to see that the program is used with fidelity; they are taking personal responsibility for the progress that they believe they will see. Confirm that teachers have the computers and headphones needed to allow their students access to the online program, as well as making sure that their classrooms are set up in a manner conducive to a station rotation model of blended learning.



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