How will I implement my innovation plan?

Innovation Plan Implementation Guide

As a campus-based instructional coach, my goal is to provide professional development to teachers and to coach them through the use of blended learning to increase engagement in their classrooms.

  • Before school begins or at the beginning of the school year:
    • Pitch proposal to school administration (principal, assistant principals, instructional technology specialist, librarian, counselor, and ACTION campus administrator) using literature review and video. Focus on engagement of students and predicted rise in attendance in the participating classes.
    • Survey campus technology – What is available? How is it currently being used? What changes are teachers willing and able to take on? (I believe that most classrooms have Chromebooks available at approximately a 1:2 ratio.)
    • Create and provide professional development to campus teachers and administrators about blended learning – what it is, why it matters – and find a group of teachers willing to participate.
    • Help teachers decide on a model for their classroom (guide them toward station rotation, but be open to other ideas). Provide ongoing professional development and support for teachers in the model that they choose.
    • Work out technology details with the technology specialist to be sure that appropriate devices are available in the participating classrooms.
    • Make sure all teachers are set up on Google Classroom and understand how to use it. Check that all students in participating classrooms have permission to use Google Classroom (I believe all students in our district have implied permission).
    • Find an appropriate online learning platform for teachers to use. I will suggest the use of iStation and Think Through Math because they are free for all students in our district. If teachers have other online learning interests for their class, I will help them obtain what they need.
    • Meet with campus registrar to get attendance report from previous years, and describe the blended learning plan. Discuss a process for viewing attendance reports throughout the year for participating teachers.


  • During the school year:
    • Assist teachers in developing a schedule for their class that is focused on their blended learning plan.
    • Provide blended learning lesson templates and ideas to teachers via Google Drive.
    • Assist technology specialist in teaching digital citizenship and other technology lessons to classes as needed.
    • Provide resources and create lessons for teachers as needed.
    • Help teachers plan and implement projects and small group lessons.
    • Help teachers monitor Google Classroom and all of their students’ online learning.
    • Monitor student engagement and attendance in participating classrooms, and help teachers develop strategies to continue to increase attendance.
    • Provide ongoing professional development, co-teaching, and coaching to teachers in the area of blended learning.
    • Facilitate weekly meetings with participating teachers either in person or via Google Hangouts to be able to discuss strategies and concerns.


  • Ongoing and after the school year:
    • Reflect and discuss with teachers about benefits, negatives, progress, regressions, thoughts and feelings about the schedule, program, and student learning. This can be done through meeting and/or with a Google Form.
    • Create a graph and report comparing student attendance throughout the school year in participating classes and non-participating classes. Share with teachers and administration team.
    • Encourage participating teachers to provide professional development to other campus teachers about their findings from the year and the benefits of blended learning.


4 thoughts on “How will I implement my innovation plan?

  1. I think you have a good start. Good idea to give PD to teachers and administrators, keeps everyone on the same page. Working with the tech crew is a a must, they can benefit you and your plan greatly. The reflection time at the end of the year is going to be beneficial to everyone. Take a look at the questions Dr. H sent Chelsea, she posted them in the faculty lounge. Hopefully they will give us all a little more insight.

  2. Peer Review #2

    I like your bulleted outline. It makes everything easy to see and understand. I love the idea of having a campus wide pre-assessment survey to see what everyone knows about technology and how to use it! This is a very good idea to see where you stand in terms of training and forward progression! You cover a lot of training and professional development. Will you be performing all of this training campus-wide? If so, that is a lot to add on your plate in addition to your full load of implementing a new program within your own classroom at the same time. Will your higher authorities be okay with this? Your outline looks kind of like mine. I may recommend you looking at the list of questions I posted on Blackboard that Dr. H provided to help me out with my detail questions. You are off to a great start though, keep it up!

  3. Peer Review 1
    Kari, your plan demonstrates a good basis for implementing the blended learning model in the classroom. I did have a couple of questions; hopefully they’ll help you as you revise and edit your plan. Will you begin implementing the blended learning model in all of the grade levels at once? If you do encourage other models besides the Station Rotation model, will you provide professional development for each one? And how will the implementation of various models affect funding? One more, will you fund premium content or encourage free/teacher-developed content? When I was creating my implementation plan, I didn’t realize how much detail and thought is put into it. Overall, I think you’ve got a strong foundation for implementing your innovation plan of blended learning. #BlendedLearningRocks!

  4. I think it was great of you to keep this plan simple and concise. I used Google Classroom last year and absolutely love it. One thing to consider before school begins is parent approval. Do the students need permission to use Google Classroom? If so, I would send out that form ASAP.

    Another suggestion I have is to make your blended learning lesson template available to teachers on Google Drive so they have easy access.

    Also, Google Classroom has an awesome feature that allows you to export grades into your district’s online grading software. Make sure you look into this because I can guarantee this will help win your teachers over.

    I wish you well on this new journey!

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