Effective Professional Development – A Call to Action

 The Story Behind the Story

Duarte says that presentations can be more effective when we tell a story. My story is about teachers, and therefore about students. As an instructional coach, teachers are my focus. I help with specific classroom and instructional issues, spend time planning lessons, and provide professional development to the teachers at my school and in my district.
The professional development that I provide includes one-time meetings of various lengths and multiple-session courses, and can be book studies, workshops, or a lecture format. I believe there need to be some changes made to the PD in our district.

“Professional development can no longer just be about exposing teachers to a concept or providing basic knowledge about a teaching methodology. Instead, professional development in an era of accountability requires a change in a teacher’s practice that leads to increases in student learning.” (Gulamhussein, 2013)

The type of PD that I am suggesting is quite different, and I hope will be well received by teachers and administrators. The course will be about using blended learning in the classroom. It will be ongoing, possibly throughout a semester or even a whole school year. I will provide support for teachers as they work to implement blended learning in their classrooms. We will jump right in and use a blended learning format for the course, so teachers have a model to guide them. This will be a training geared toward any teacher in my K-5 school, and can be focused on specific grades and content as needed.
I feel excited to be an instructional coach in a time when PD is changing. I look forward to supporting teachers as they learn new things and work implement them in their classrooms to improve their instruction.
My video is geared toward the administration at my school. I want them to see that we can provide effective PD at my campus, and that there are coaches there to help!

The Making of the Story

To make my video I tried a program called Kizoa. I had never used this program before, but the format was easy to understand and user friendly. It uses a drag and drop format, and includes transitions, music, effects, and a variety of colors and backgrounds.
It was difficult to design the pieces of the video exactly how I wanted them, so I decided to create slides in Google Slides and use the snipping tool to save them and upload them to Kizoa. I found pictures in Google Images, making sure that they were labeled for reuse, and found a font that was bold and thick, so that it would stand out. In Kizoa I was easily able to add music and transitions to my video. I am happy with the final product!


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