Aligning Outcomes, Activities, and Assessment for Learning

Creating my course learning goal and learning outcomes is a large part of my innovation plan. The way that I present information about blended learning and significant learning environments to teachers could determine their feelings toward the idea. I need to make my course engaging, interactive, and powerful so that teachers will buy-in and begin to use blended learning in their classrooms regularly.


Course Goal:

 Learners will establish a significant learning environment in their classroom and create blended learning lessons after participating in an online course.

 Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes Learning Activities Assessment Activities

Learners will identify the key aspects of a significant learning environment.


Learners will analyze and evaluate the various blended learning models.


Online visuals and reading about significant learning environments and blended learning models


Reflection on their current classroom and the changes they wish to see



Formative feedback on class discussions


Learners will apply their knowledge of blended learning to design a lesson or unit for their class that includes blended learning experiences.



Creation of a lesson plan incorporating blended learning


Lesson or unit plan


Learners will explain how their lesson or unit is improved by the use of blended learning.



Use of a blended learning model to teach the course


Discussions with classmates in an online forum



Formative feedback on class discussions


Human Dimension / Caring

Learners will observe the benefits of a blended learning classroom.



Discussions with classmates in an online forum




Implementation of blended learning lessons in their classroom

Learning How to Learn

Learners will revise lesson plans to include blended learning opportunities.



Lesson planning session to facilitate the implementation of blended learning


Lesson plans


Videos or blog posts about blended learning in their classroom


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