Action Research Plan






Topic of Research

The ultimate goal of my innovation plan is to have teachers across my campus fully integrating technology into their daily lessons through a blended learning model. In order for teachers to fully understand what it is I’ll be asking them to do, I believe that they will need to experience blended learning themselves. I will use this format to teach them about how they can structure their classrooms and why they should incorporate technology at such a high level.

Purpose of Study

Many traditional teaching methods are no longer valuable for today’s students. Today’s teachers need to embrace technology and use it to enhance the learning in their classrooms.

Research Questions

How might a blended learning professional development experience impact teachers’ attitudes toward implementing blended learning in their own classrooms?

How many teachers of those that participated in a blended learning professional development experience will implement blended learning in their classrooms?

Research Design

  • Triangulation Mixed-Methods design using both Qualitative and Quantitative data.
  • Descriptive Research using observations.
  • Case studies of the teachers who participate in the professional development experience, including the use of surveys and interviews.

Implementation Timeline


Provide Blended Learning professional development to teachers on my campus in a blended learning format. June – August 2017
Collect and analyze the data. Observe teachers as they begin to implement Blended Learning in their classrooms.

Develop the action plan.

August – November 2017
Share and communicate results November – December 2017
Reflect on the process. December 2017
Provide additional training to teachers who would like to implement Blended Learning in their classroom for the second semester. December 2017 – January 2018

Literature Review

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