A Plan to Implement My Innovation Plan

Change is hard, and I will soon be asking teachers to make a change that I believe will be important. There will be resistance from the administration at my school, and probably from some of the teachers. I will need to be sure that everyone involved is as knowledgeable about my ideas and research as possible. In order to lessen their resistance to change, I will need to use a variety of strategies.

First, I will focus on my WHY. It is similar to the WHY of most teachers, and gets to the heart of why many teachers go into the profession.

Next, I will work on implementing all of the six strategies of being an Influencer so that I can lead my campus to success. Using skills from the 4DX model will also help me during implementation.

As I progress in the rollout of my Innovation Plan, I will need to have some Crucial Conversations. I will need to work to remember the skills that I’ve learned in order to stay calm and focus on dialogue.

With all of these measures in place, I believe that I can assist and encourage the teachers at my school to implement an instructional strategy that will produce results in the students that we teach.

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