4DX and a WIG

Last week I really enjoyed reading Influencer and couldn’t imagine finding a plan that fit together more easily. But I did! I really like The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) plan! I feel like it is just a different perspective on the same goals, but the combination of the two helps me to think through my Innovation Plan in a focused way.

I will need to meet with my team to implement the changes in my plan. 4DX has 5 specific stages that I will work through in helping the teachers at my school become as effective as possible.

Stage 1: Getting Clear

In this stage, my team and I will need to focus in on one or two wildly important goals, or WIGs, based around using the blended learning station rotation model for implementing a district required reading program. We will then brainstorm and choose two or three high-leverage lead measures to focus on. We will brainstorm about a good way to monitor our progress with a simple scoreboard, which will be in a location where we can all see how we are progressing toward our goal. In stage 1 we will also plan a time and place for our weekly WIG sessions. By planning ahead and having clarity in our purpose, I will be setting the team up for success!

Stage 2: Launch

Executing our plan and focusing on our lead measures will be difficult to do within the whirlwind of our school. If we can trust the process and implement our lead measures with fidelity, we should make progress. During our Launch stage I will be looking for teachers who are modeling our measures smoothly. I will also keep my eye out for those who are resistant to the change.

Stage 3: Adoption

Often times, when a new plan doesn’t work in the beginning, it is abandoned. This is why so many new plans are implemented, which causes feelings of frustration and being overwhelmed. By keeping my team and the teachers at my school focused on the WIG and the Lead Measures, I believe that we will see results more quickly. When teachers make commitments each week and hold each other accountable, they will be able to push through the initial phase of feeling overwhelmed and begin to see the scoreboard moving forward. We will need to keep in mind the idea that we can adjust as we notice what is working and what isn’t. Our weekly WIG meetings will allow us time to review and adjust as needed. As an instructional coach on my campus, I can put effort into mentoring and training teachers along the way. Focusing on those who aren’t resistant but are not necessarily models will encourage them to make progress.

Stage 4: Optimization

It will be exciting and interesting to see what creative ideas my team will come up with to optimize the their performance and the lead measures. Teachers often have amazing thoughts, but no time or permission to implement them. WIG meetings focusing on WIGs will give them the opportunities to try new things. To celebrate these ideas and innovative ways that they are being implemented, WIG meetings will need to include recognition and encouragement both from me and from other team members to each other.

Stage 5: Habits

When my team reaches the WIG that we set, which I’m sure we will, there will need to be celebration. This will encourage the teachers to move on to a new WIG and keep making progress. I will enjoy seeing people who started as resisters become models on the campus, and teams celebrating each other for their progress. The ideas of 4DX will become habits, and guide us through WIGs each year. Our school will make great gains.

My Innovation Plan focus on improving student engagement and attendance rates through blended learning will benefit from the implementation of ideas from the Influencer model and the 4DX model.

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